Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weight Loss Update: 01/27/13

Greetings and welcome to my weight loss update for January 27th, 2013!    The past two weeks has seen a steady drop in my ten day average, yet only a modest drop in my actual weigh-in day weight.   
 My Ten Day Average for today is 217.9 pounds.   Another ten pounds and I will no longer be obese by measure of the medical charts.  When that happens I'll merely be overweight for the first time in my life that I can remember!   Looking forward to the day!

On my Weight Graph page you can see my long-term weight loss, but below is a graph depicting my 1/10/20/30 day averages.

The reason for the sudden spike in my daily weight a few days ago is due to a change in how I weigh myself.  Nothing major, and will be explained in another blog entry shortly. 

 My next Weight Loss Update will mark my 1 year anniversary since settling on a long-term goal of losing 1% of body weight per week.    With two weeks to go I'm within a couple pounds of that goal, a truly remarkable feat in my own opinion, which highlights the sensibility and sustainability of that goal.  More on that with my next weight loss update!

Happy Eating

-Norm  aka John Smith  

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