Thursday, October 25, 2012

Weight Loss Update: 10/25/12

 Sorry for being late with my Weight Loss Update which was due Sunday!!  I had "issues" with the scale!  Namely, my weight loss had been coming along just fine then in the two days before weigh-in my weight shot up five pounds, erasing all my weight loss!
 And then the very next day it was down 4 pounds and after another day right where it should have been. 

 How do you gain 5 pounds in two days and lose it again just as fast?  Water rentention?  Wonky scale?  Who knows!!  Would it even matter?  Not to most people, but some of us are creatures of pride, and I had that whole "20 month consecutive weight loss" streak going!  On the one hand, obviously the scale reading wasn't a reflection of my weight loss trend and shouldn't count to break my streak!!   And on the other hand, why have "weigh-in" day and keep track if it doesn't count?  
 So of course it counts! And so my "Consecutive Weight Loss Streak" ends at 20 months!  But that is a minor point that really doesn't mean anything in the overall scheme of things.  What's important is that my weight loss continues and my journey to good health marches on!

 This is, however, a great opportunity to make changes in how I report my weight. From here on in I'll report my exact weight on weigh-in day, but the number I use to update the Weight Graph and the information at the top of my blog will be the average of my weight over the prior seven days.  This will be a better representation of the trend and not just a one-day snapshot

 So....   Sunday's weigh-in had me at 253.5 pounds, the exact same as it was two weeks prior....  but my running 7 day average for Sunday and the week before was 250.5 pounds, and that is the number you'll see on the graph.

 Happy Eating!

 -Norm  aka John Smith 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Norm has no clothes!

 Clothes for a fat man are very expensive, and keeping myself in clothes while losing weight has been an interesting challenge.  Since most of my clothes have been custom made for me, I have been having them taken in on occasion, but for the most part I've just been wearing clothes that are way too big for me.
 The last few months I've been in a clothing transition where I'm nearing a size where clothes are readily available at the store, off the shelf, but still large enough that those clothes aren't cheap and more importantly, hard to find in second had thrift stores.

Norm at 249 pounds, Hobo at 46 pounds.


 As recently as last week I've been in dire need of pants.  I had enough shirts to last me a while, but the only pair of pants I had were way too big for me.  Besides that I had one pair of sweatpants and 4 pairs of shorts.
 So when my wife saw a yard sale ad on craigslist that mentioned larger sized mens clothes, we hopped in the car and headed off!   I found four pairs of pants there, sized 46, and one pair of jeans, sized 44.  I bought them all!  I honestly didn't think any of these pants would fit me right now.  I was buying them so I'd have pants to wear when I lost a bit more weight. I was quite surprised when I got home and tried them on and all of the sized 46 pants fit! 
 Then my mother lets me know she found a couple pairs of jeans at the thrift store.  One sized 44, one sized 46.   The larger pair fits just fine!  So I now have enough pants in my current size to keep me happy, and I have two pairs of jeans in the next sized down waiting for me.  But the biggest surprise came as I walked through a thrift store yesterday looking at clothes. In the men's section they had a large selection of jeans for men all the way up through sized 44!!  What this means is that from here on in I can walk into a thrift store and find clothes THAT FIT ME!!  I am honest when I tell you that nothing else I've experienced along this weight loss journey of mine has brought me more joy!

 This is an appropriate time and place to give a shout out to my brother, who has been my tailor for quite a few years.  He has kept me in pants for a long time! Very sturdy, very comfortable, and most important, very BIG pants.  Most clothing for fat people is exactly the same as clothing for smaller people, only cut bigger, and that doesn't work so well for very fat people because there are more factors involved than just cutting the clothing bigger. The clothes my brother has made for me over the years have been as comfortable, or more comfortable than any clothes anyone wears.

 Thanks Al!

Happy Eating!

 -Norm  aka John Smith 


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weight Loss Update: 10/07/12

Weight Loss Update:

Today's weigh-in showed my current weight to be 253.5 pounds, 5.0 pounds lighter than two weeks ago, bringing my total weight loss to 232.5 pounds.  This makes 20 continuous months of weight loss averaging 11.6 pounds per month, and keeps me fairly close to my long-term goal of losing 1% of my body weight each week.

Compulsive Over Eating Update:

 Today marks 7 weeks since I've addressed my compulsive overeating by intentionally eating less food. My new way of eating is not without ongoing issues.  However, it has become such an ingrained part of my life that it's no longer really a problem.    Yes, I'll continue to pay vigilance so old habits don't creep back in, but I don't see the need to have continuing updates on the matter.  From here on it it should be assumed that so long as my weight loss is ongoing, I'm not having issues with volume eating.

Weight Graph
I moved the Weight Graph Chart to it's own page.  You can view it by clicking the link towards the top of the page.

That is all!

Happy Eating!

-Norm  aka John Smith