Thursday, October 25, 2012

Weight Loss Update: 10/25/12

 Sorry for being late with my Weight Loss Update which was due Sunday!!  I had "issues" with the scale!  Namely, my weight loss had been coming along just fine then in the two days before weigh-in my weight shot up five pounds, erasing all my weight loss!
 And then the very next day it was down 4 pounds and after another day right where it should have been. 

 How do you gain 5 pounds in two days and lose it again just as fast?  Water rentention?  Wonky scale?  Who knows!!  Would it even matter?  Not to most people, but some of us are creatures of pride, and I had that whole "20 month consecutive weight loss" streak going!  On the one hand, obviously the scale reading wasn't a reflection of my weight loss trend and shouldn't count to break my streak!!   And on the other hand, why have "weigh-in" day and keep track if it doesn't count?  
 So of course it counts! And so my "Consecutive Weight Loss Streak" ends at 20 months!  But that is a minor point that really doesn't mean anything in the overall scheme of things.  What's important is that my weight loss continues and my journey to good health marches on!

 This is, however, a great opportunity to make changes in how I report my weight. From here on in I'll report my exact weight on weigh-in day, but the number I use to update the Weight Graph and the information at the top of my blog will be the average of my weight over the prior seven days.  This will be a better representation of the trend and not just a one-day snapshot

 So....   Sunday's weigh-in had me at 253.5 pounds, the exact same as it was two weeks prior....  but my running 7 day average for Sunday and the week before was 250.5 pounds, and that is the number you'll see on the graph.

 Happy Eating!

 -Norm  aka John Smith 

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  1. This will be a better reflection of the pattern and not just a one-day overview.