Monday, July 1, 2013

Weight-Loss / Life Update: July 1st, 2013

Greetings!   An update is overdue so here it is!   I have been a busy man!   Things I've been doing:

  • Exercise, specifically PT prescribed Core Strengthening
  • Working on my upcoming class titled: Spiritual Food - Exploring Our Spiritual Relationship With The Food We Eat which I'll be teaching at my church starting July 14th. (I expect to expand this into a much larger ministry)
  • Summertime projects around the house (I'll never get caught up)
  • Preparing for a camping trip!  I leave Tuesday!

Weight:   Here is a graph of my Current/10/20/30 day averages for the past 90 days.

The numbers are:  Today:  196.5 and my 10/20/30 day averages are: 198.3, 198.22, and 197.65.

One could conclude that I've stalled badly with 20+ pounds to go.  I do not believe that is the case.   I am down to those last stubborn pounds and while my actual weight is on a very slight upward trend my measurements are on a shrinking trend.  All the core strengthening exercise is paying off and I'm bulking up on much needed muscle mass, offsetting the slowish trend in fat burning.  But I am continuing to burn off fat.

Clothes:  I can fit into my "skinny" size 36 jeans, though the legs are a bit tight.  I still have a LOT of excess skin/fat on my thighs.  I believe that eventually I'll be able to go down to 34's.  My waist will get there much sooner than my legs will.   I can wear a sized Large t-shirt but they're snug in the shoulders.  Considering that I'm very bony up there and there is nothing left to lose there I know I'll never get smaller than that.  And if I put on enough muscle mass I may have to go back up to size XL.   

Food:   My transition to Dr. McDougall's Maximum Weight Loss guidelines is going slower than I'd hoped.   I find myself getting antsy, irritated, and frustrated when I restrict myself from my comfort foods like CHOCOLATE, dried fruits, nuts, and the occasional bread.   Excuses?  Maybe.  I'm not going to sweat it.  I am going to park where I'm at which is midway between where I was and full MWL compliance.   As long as I'm making progress I am content and want to focus more on enjoying life than pushing too hard for something that's coming at it's own pace anyway.   

 Future Plans:   I am very excited about my upcoming class I'll be teaching at my church!  I gave a presentation on it yesterday to the congregation and hopefully stirred up interest in it!    
   There is also an article about my weight loss journey coming out in one of the small local papers soon.  I'm excited about that and hope it goes well!
 I am continuing to look into making a website and have been blessed to have received some money toward that!  I am stepping out of faith with this venture and expect that God will provide as he sees fit.

 That is all for now!!   I must go pack for a camping trip now!

 -Norm    aka  John Smith    aka   ???  :)    

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