Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weight Loss Update: 09/22/13

 Greetings!  In my last Weight Loss Update one month ago I reported holding steady at and around 195 pounds.   I can report today that the "holding pattern" that was holding me there is over with and I am now moving forward toward my goals.

I am charging full steam ahead!  My Ten Day Average for today is 192.4 pounds, but my actual weight this morning is under 190 pounds.   The weight is coming off fairly rapidly and at the current trend I will hit 186 pounds quite soon.   This will put me at the 300 pound mark.

Big things happen for me once I cross that 300 pound mark.   That is when I pull out all the stops and really go public with my story.  I have known this for quite some time and I think I wasn't quite ready for all that is about to happen in my life.   Perhaps I needed a few months "breathing room" to collect my thoughts.   In any event, my rest is over with and I am as ready as I'll ever be for what lies ahead. 

 I still do not know if I will adjust my "final" goal upwards or not.   I am not sure I will make it down to 173 pounds.  I honestly do not know just how to judge a healthy body weight for myself, having never had one.  The charts aren't the best of help, as I have some physical anomalies that change things up.   Right now I'm content to eat as I am and see where my body goes with it.

This will probably be my last weight loss update before hitting the magic 300 pound mark.  That will be quite the announcement, so I'd like to take a little time now and thank some people whose support and inspiration have been of particular help to me lately.   They are, in no particular order:  Susannah, Christine, Heidi, Valerie, Stephen, and Chris.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!



  1. Ray, I am so excited for you! and proud to be one who has had the privilege of watching from the beginning as you remake yourself. You are my chief inspiration, and I'm very proud of you.
    Way to go!

  2. YOU ROCK! REMEMBER...all that "hanging" on you is "weight" . You should adjust your goal weight based on that weight not being there so you don't get too thin.....something to think about.....

  3. Always rooting for you, Norm! You've got pounds of skin hanging around to be released, too. Congratulations and thank you for sharing your inspiring journey.