Thursday, October 17, 2013

Spine Surgery Update: 10/17/13

I had my pre-op appointments yesterday and it looks like surgery is a go for Monday the 21st!!   

 We're hoping to be able to restore my spine to it's original position, but my surgeon doesn't think that is likely for a number of reasons.  We're also hoping to be able to fuse just one level, but it may require going up a second level.   My surgeon wont know which route to take till he sees what's happening inside, so I won't know what happens till afterwards.

Best case scenario: Full restoration of my original spine position fusing only one level    Worst case scenario:  My spine gets fused where it's at and fusing two levels.   The likely result is probably closer to the worse case than the best case, so everyone send me your prayers, best wishes, and positive energy for as positive an outcome as is possible.

Anyone wishing to receive email updates about my surgery send an email to and you'll be added to the list.   Don't expect any updates until Monday evening.

-Ray    aka  Norm  


  1. Hi Ray, you may remember me as euro-girl.or Frankie.
    how did the surgery go?

  2. It's a nice information about the Spine surgery.It would be best if you add some more about it.Thanks.