Saturday, November 2, 2013

Post Op Update: Day 12

Here is a picture of me headed out for part of my daily walk today.

 I am now pushing that walker six miles a day.  I hope to be done with the walker soon but for now I'm not stable enough on my feet and simply can't risk a fall.   

I am off all pain meds.  This isn't to say I'm not in pain, but it's quite manageable.

My mind is clearer every day.  Still a touch of fog.  The other day I sent out a 10 day update email when it was only day 9, so there's still a bit of fog still needing to clear the air.  :)

I have not resumed driving yet.  I was planning on driving to church tomorrow but my wife put the nix nix on that idea.  She'll drive me.  Maybe next week.  :)

All in all recovery is coming along nicely.   Now I need to start healing.  Or rather, fusing.  Pray and send positive energy my way for a quick fusion so that I can get the green light to resume my Super Powers!

-Ray   aka  Norm   


  1. Hi Norm,

    I am definitely praying for your quick recovery. So glad to hear you are already making crazy good progress!

  2. Sending prayer your way, Norm. Congratulations on taking such strides - no pun intended - after a major surgery. You make such inspiring choices! Bravo!!!