Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Weight Loss Update: 04/18/2012

This weeks number is:

 The scale shows I've lost another 6.4 pounds in the past two weeks, which is just shy of my goal of losing 1% of my body weight per week, as measured over the past two weeks, but still puts me about 0.9 pound ahead of that goal as measured from February 2nd.
 Once again, I am left shaking my head in wonderment over how this is possible.  I have cut back on my exercise these past two weeks out of concern I was putting too much strain on my hips and knees.  In addition, I have put no effort into eating less, just sailing by on auto-pilot, as it were, and have felt more than once in the past two weeks that I've really been eating too much.  I honestly expected a weight loss of 2 or 3 pounds.  Sometimes I shake my head in wonderment over how often I shake my head in wonderment over the transition I've been going through.  Thank you Dr. McDougall!!
 These two weeks weight loss also put me past another milestone!  Expect another posting about that in the next day or two!

 Happy Eating!!

-Norm  aka John Smith

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  1. So exciting and proud...amazing! YOU ROCK! Thank you for sharing your journey!