Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Weight Loss Update: 05/16/12

Today's number is:

 The scale reports I've lost 7.4 pounds over the past two weeks.  This brings my total lost to 172 pounds leaving me 128 pounds from my goal.  I continued with my lifestyle of eating to complete satisfaction, and occasionally, a bit more. (I'm still working on the "bit more" part.) However, I did modify my food intake somewhat, adding in more raw vegetables into the mix.  And I did increase my exercise considerably over the past two weeks.  These two things together caused my rate of weight loss to increase, compared to the preceeding 2 week period, putting me slightly ahead (0.48 pounds) of my long term goal of losing 1% body weight per week.
 I was hoping for an even bigger loss, since I've put so much effort into exercise, but I am by no means disappointed.  All the exercise may have produced muscle mass which would have offset weight loss, so all in all, I'm pleased!!
 For the next two weeks I think there is room for even more raw vegetables in my diet.  I will, however, lighten up a bit on the exercise. 

 Happy Eating!

 -Norm  aka John Smith

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  1. I admire your excersizing...I really wanna start riding to the FB...we'll see. ;o)