Saturday, June 16, 2012

One Year And 160 Pounds Ago...

 I just noticed while looking over my weigh-in log that I had two weigh-in days exactly 1 year apart.  On June 13th 2011 I weighed 459 pounds and on June 13th 2012 I weighed 299 pounds.  A difference of 160 pounds! I was pretty confident a year ago that I would eventually get where I am today, but I honestly thought it'd take much longer.
 I still ate meat a year ago, but I had really started to cut down on it.  By June 13th 2011 I had already bought the last of the meat I would ever buy and would continue eating down what was left in my freezer until one day I just didn't want to and took what was left to the food bank.
 I still consumed dairy a year ago.  It would take me several more months to finally wrap my head around that change, but it would come.
 A year ago I was just starting to walk for exercise.  Not far, and at first I used two canes, one in each hand, to help me.  I was thrilled the first time I made it all the way around the block!  That was a whole quarter mile!  Today I walked 4 miles and have walked as many as 8 in one day.
 A year ago I could ride my trike around the housing area I live.  Now I can ride my trike 30 miles on the bike path.  In addition, I'm now recently back to riding on two wheels!  I rode my bicycle 15 miles today.  I haven't ridden a bicycle that far in 25 or more years.  A year ago I had been used to the idea that I'd never ride a bicycle again, but here I am!  And not only riding a bicycle, but I'm looking for a unicycle to learn to ride!
 A year ago living life at a reasonable weight was just a dream...  Today it's still not quite a reality but it's no longer just a dream, it's my inevitable future!

 Happy Eating!

 -Norm  aka John Smith  


  1. You inspire me so much. Thank you for sharing. I love this blog post. :) I forget to appreciate how far I have come sometimes because I am so focused on getting to my goals. This reminded me to be grateful for where I was a year ago and where I am now. You have accomplished so much!! I really like "it's my inevitable future." :)

  2. Hello! I am really very interested in one thing, of course if I'm not asking too much could you be so kind and please share with us your place of birth?