Sunday, December 16, 2012

Weight Loss Update: 12/16/12

 This morning the scale said I weighed 228.5 pounds, bringing my official Ten Day Average to 231.9 pounds.   This is down considerably from two weeks ago when I weighed 236.0 pounds and had a Ten Day Average of 240.3 pounds.  This is quite a bit more than 1% body weight per week, which is my long-term goal, and this pushes me a couple pounds in front of that long term goal.

 What's going on?  Just a few weeks ago the scale wasn't moving at all and I was left guessing as to the reasons why.  That's all I can do now is guess as to why it's not only moving again, but moving faster than planned.

 First and foremost, it's not a change in my diet.   Just as there was no big change in diet when the scale stopped moving, there is no big change in diet now that it's moving quickly again.  If anything, the past week I've eaten MORE food in an attempt to slow the rate of drop.

 My best guess is this....    All the hard work of the yoga and the pushups and the walking have built up enough muscle mass on me that I'm now burning more calories than I was before.   In case you didn't know, muscle burns more calories even while you're doing nothing, so the more muscle you have the more calories you burn even when you're just sitting or standing doing nothing at all.   

  Am I happy about all this?  You betcha!   I am well into uncharted territory with my weight loss.   I have never been here before.  Last time I was at this weight I wasn't even at my full height, so I have no reference point to go on.   I can tell you this...   I was expecting this point in my weight loss to be much more difficult than this.  It's not!   I simply eat as much as I want of foods I've come to love and my body rewards me with better and better health.

 Now is as good as time as any to update my "Volume Eating", or compulsive overeating problem.   I no longer have an issue with it.  I knew I was eating too much food.  I changed the amount of food I ate.  It was painful at first and the first weeks were difficult, but over time it's become a non-issue.  I am now fully satisfied at my new volume of food and I don't have to measure portions or even think about it.  Just eat till I've had my fill.    Can it really be that easy?   Apparently it can.

 So many people tell me how thrilled they are for my success but that they just couldn't do it themselves.  They just can't give up the foods they love.   Many of these people have known me for years and KNOW how much I loved those very same foods.   They KNOW how I slowly and painlessly transitioned away from those foods, and if they pay attention, they'd KNOW how I'm not missing those foods at all any more and actually enjoy the food I eat more than I've ever enjoyed food before.   To those people I once again urge to consider a move towards a whole-foods plant-based diet!

 Happy Eating!

 -Norm  aka  John Smith  

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