Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Blog/Life/Weight-Loss/Surgery Update

It's been way too long since an update!  There are some good reasons for this, and several good excuses too!  The top two being:

  1.   I've been recovering from surgery
  2.   I don't know the password to my blog


I had laproscopic hernia repair surgery.  They repaired two inguinal and one umbilical hernia all in one procedure.   It has not been fun but it needed to be done.   Weight has shot through the roof!


 Seriously?  Is that an excuse?   No!  It's a reason!  :)  My browser takes care of my passwords.  I enter in long random passwords and let my computer take it from there.  Very secure, but I can only access things from the one browser on the one computer.  The problem with this is that the one computer is at my stand-up only computer desk, which I haven't been able to use much due to my back issues, and not at all for a period of time after my hernia surgery.   Once I settle on an Operating System to run on my computer at my sit-down desk I'll transfer over my passwords and will be fine.

Weight Loss:

There hasn't been any.  Between surgery, lack of exercise due to my back/hernias/surgery recovery, post-surgery inflammation, and an all around pity-party feeding frenzy, I'm up quite a bit of weight.  Look at the numbers for yourself:

Click Graph To View Full Sized

You can tell when my surgery was on the graph.  Look for the BIG spike in the purple line.  That was mostly caused by post-surgery inflammation and constipation.  Oh the joys!

 Where I'm at:

A new beginning!   I feel like I'm starting over in so many ways.  I feel like I have a rough road ahead of me.   I feel like it is going to be more work than all I've done up to this point.  But I feel like I can do this if I just stick to it.

And I will.

Happy Eating!

-Norm   aka  John Smith


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