Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Walk In The Park

 Near the community co-op where we purchase much of the food we eat there is a small park by a river.  We often visit there when we make a trip to the co-op.  We were there the other day!  We walked, picked blackberries, ate blackberries, picked more blackberries, hiked some of the trails, and thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon.
 About a year ago we also visited this same park.  I walked as much as I could but because of my size and arthritis I couldn't be on my feet very long.  I had to stop and rest often.  We took the short loop on the trail instead of the longer one.  I enjoyed myself but not nearly as much as I did the other day!!   Here is a picture of me then and now.

425 Pounds263 Pounds
5x Shirt 3x Shirt
Walking Stick No Walking Stick
Happy To Be Healthier Even Happier & Healthier

 That is the same fanny pack in both pictures.  Notice how much smaller it looks on the left and how much bigger it looks on the right.  The fanny pack didn't change sizes, I did!

 Come back next year to see an even more impressive photo comparison!

Until then....   Happy Eating!

-Norm  aka John Smith


  1. Amazing! I posted this blog post on my Facebook "I'm Healthy and I Know It" page because you are such an inspiration to me. I re-read your blogs and then read the article Dr. McD wrote about volume eating. Today has been a much different day. Thank you so much for sharing the journey you are on. Debi

  2. Wow! The first thing I noticed was how much smaller your "new" fanny pack was! LOL!