Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Looking Forward

 Labor Day is past!  The kids are back in school.  We're still getting some nice days but the heat of summer is behind us and the cool nights remind us of winter to come.
 This is the time of year we start looking towards fall.  Halloween is around the corner.  Then Thanksgiving.  Then comes the smorgasbord of wintertime holidays to choose from.  Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, and others.
 This year I have quite a few special occasions to look forward to. This past Sunday marked one I haven't mentioned yet... For the first time in 20 years I wore a 2x shirt!  It seems like just yesterday I put away my 4x shirts and started wearing 3x.  Now I'm down to 2x!  How much longer till I'm down to just one X?  I have no recollection of when it was I wore clothes that small.  But I remember the last time I wore 2x.
 My friend Jerome ran a computer shop and for a while I'd go hang out with him once a week.  Play with computers, help out if I could.  But mostly just hang out with my friend.  There was a clothing store next door and the guy had a surplus of T-shirts and if I remember, was willing to sell them at a discount since he was friends with Jerome.  Always looking for a good deal I grabbed my fair share!  But he only had a few 3x shirts so I ended up with some 2x as well, and was very disappointed that I couldn't wear them very long because I was gaining weight and had to move up to the 3x.  That was 20 or 21 years ago and was the last time before now I wore a 2x shirt.  So I was very pleased to go to church Sunday in the smallest shirt I've worn in over 20 years!
 But I have more milestones right around the corner!  Very soon I'll pass through the 260 pound mark.  That is what I weighed when I graduated high school.  Then not too much further past that I'll pass through the 243 pound mark which is the point where I'd have lost as much as I weigh and will officially become "Half The Man I Used To Be".  Just past that is 240 pounds, which is the lightest I've ever weighed as an adult. 239 pounds?  I couldn't tell you when I last weighed that.  Mid High School I'd guess.  By New Years Day I should be around 225 pounds, if I stick close to my goals, and I imagine I haven't seen that weight since 9th grade.

 What good things are you looking forward to in the coming months?  I hope better health is on your list!  It's at the top of mine!

 Happy Eating!

 -Norm  aka John Smith


  1. Congratulations on the smaller shirt size! Those are some other great milestones coming up, too.

    I have a number that I am very close to:
    1. With the loss of just 4 more pounds, I will weigh less than my husband (appropriate since he is taller than me).
    2. At that same weight, I will weigh less than I have in approximately 27 years.
    3. And, I will be 30 pounds from Dr. McDougall's suggested goal weight for me. Thirty pounds is much easier to visualize shedding than the over 100 pounds extra I started with back at the beginning of last year.

    Oh, and it dawned on me yesterday that I am currently two-thirds of the size I used to be. Doesn't quite roll off the tongue like your anticipated "half the man you used to be" but I do enjoy telling people they'll be seeing less and less of me over time. ;-)

  2. Way to go Norm and Chile!

    I had been getting focused on the weight end of these changes and was hoping to be able to say - I lost 200 pounds by my birthday in late October, but that is 25 pounds away, so maybe by the start of the new year? I also started out with 300 pounds to lose, like you, Norm. I read your posts on the McDougall forum and am inspired by your story again and again. Thank you.

    Like you Norm, I can now wear 2X and am nearly in 1X in some things. It's so strange to look at myself in the mirror when I put on the clothes I used to wear and they really are huge. I can't quite comprehend that I used to fit into them - snugly even. Such a new experience.

    I love what you said, Chile, about seeing less and less of you over time.

    You both rock!!!