Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weight Loss Update: 09/23/12

 Today's weigh-in has me at 258.5 pounds, down 7 pounds from two weeks ago.  This brings my total weight loss to 227.5 pounds and leaves me with 72.5 more pounds to lose to reach 300 total pounds of weight loss. My last weight in, two weeks ago, brought my weight loss back into alignment of my long term goal of losing 1% of my body weight per week, and this weigh in period brings me slightly ahead of that goal.  I prefer to be slightly ahead than slightly behind. :)

  Of more importance than my weight loss update is my update on my volume eating.  I have to say I am VERY pleased with the direction that is going.  It is becoming habit to eat less food.  It is no longer uncomfortable.  Gone is the gnawing sensation in my gut when I've stopped eating at my new, smaller portions.  Gone is the absolute need to get up and occupy my body and mind for an hour or two after dinner.
 Don't take this to mean that I'm "cured", or that I've arrived at where I want to be. Far from it. I have a long way to go.  I still have to be very consciously aware of what I eat and how much.  I still go walking after dinner.  I am still not entirely comfortable with my smaller portions.  But I am no longer uncomfortable and no longer in any pain or distress over it. 
 I've started measuring some portions of my food. Not to count calories, but to help me understand just how much food a half cup is, or a cup, or two cups.
 I'm still not finding that perfect balance that keeps my weight loss steady, but I can now adjust up or down to steer the direction I want.

 All in all, great progress!

 -Norm  aka John Smith


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  2. Norm, just awesome! I have enjoyed following your journey, it's truly been inspirational.