Friday, May 10, 2013

Who Let The Dogs Out?

The neighbors down the street!  That's who!

The other day I was riding my bike around the neighborhood when I rounded a corner and out of a yard shot a dog tearing straight after me, it's owner yelling for it to come back but to no avail...

  I don't like getting chased by dogs.  I don't like getting bit by dogs. So I did what instinct said and I pedalled as hard and as fast as I could.  I hit the speed bump at full speed...  the dog was gaining on me...    I pedalled harder and faster...  the dog was falling behind...  I started wondering if I'd have to slow down to take the next corner, but by then the dog had given up the chase. 

 I won!

 But I won more than the doggie chase race...    I remember when such physical exertion was impossible...  I remember when I would have stopped and dismounted the bike knowing my odds with the dog were better than trying to outrun it.     Or attempting to would have left my legs burning and cramped up and left my heart beating so hard and fast I'd feel like my head would explode, and would leave me gasping for air...    There was none of that.   Sure, my legs were a bit tired and I couldn't have sustained that level of effort forever, but they were no where close to giving out.  My heart rate went up, and my breathing increased, but neither exceeded my comfort zone...   I didn't need to stop and rest.   I pedalled on and when I came back to that corner again I was ready in case the dog was still out.    He was, but he just watched me go by cuz he knew he couldn't catch me!

Just another adventure in the life of a man with a new body!

 Happy Eating!

 -Norm   aka John Smith      

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  1. LOVE this story! way to go! outbiking a dog :)