Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Weight Loss Update: 03/07/12

 In the two weeks since my last weigh-in I've lost exactly 10.0 pounds!!  Yay!!  That is ahead of my goal of losing 1% of my body weight each week.  By my quick math I have been losing an average of 1.4% of my body weight these past two weeks.
 I have made recent changes in my diet.  I am attempting a gluten free diet for a period of time, to see if that helps with my inflammation.  This has led me to eliminate some of the higher calorie dense foods in my diet, like bread and pizza.  In their place I'm eating more lower calorie dense foods, lowering my overall calorie intake.  In addition to this, I've increased my exercise level over the past few weeks.  Since I've not been gluten-free long enough to know if that will show any benefits, I don't want to tweak my diet at the current time.  That means the most obvious way to slow my weight loss and steer it more towards 1% per week is to reduce my exercise level.  So that's what I will do.  I've been walking a minimum of 4 miles every day with 2-4 days a week walking 5-8 miles.  I will reduce that to walking only 4 miles every day and possibly skipping exercise completely on Sunday.

Next weigh-in:  March 21, 2012.

-Norm  aka John Smith

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